Online poker sites are like any other business around the world. They are constantly adapting and creating new products to retain customers and obtain new too. How do they do this online? Easy – they create different formats of poker. Each new format is slightly different, requires new winning strategy and may be fun enough to convince a losing player to try it. To see some of the different poker games that are available online, it might be worth finding a reliable website to play on. A lot of people make use of Blitz Poker, for example, so that could be worth trying. There should be some fun poker games for everyone. So, we’re going to look at three formats of online poker and how they work.

Snap Poker

Snap poker is a quick format used by 888 poker. You register into a pool of other cash game players. Once seated, regular poker ensues with one massive difference. Once you fold, you are whisked off to another table. This fast-paced poker format suits those who don’t like waiting around (as if online poker isn’t fast enough!). You can get through a lot of hands in this format so please make sure you have a good bankroll to sustain the swings as coolers will feel more frequent. Adopting solid snap poker strategy is a must if you are considering playing this format.

Spin and Go’s

This is a very unique SNG format offered by PokerStars. It’s played in tournament format and is finished very quick. It’s basically a hyper turbo tournament with 3 players. The beauty in this format is the opportunity to win a lot of money. It is dependant on the buy in, but first prizes range from $20,000 to $1,000,000. Basically, when the tournament starts, first prize is randomly selected. More often than not, it is double the buy in, but there’s a good chance it can be triple or 5 times the buy in too. It’s a number’s game and push/fold poker strategy is necessary to exploit weak opponents. This game is not for those who love to play deep stack poker!

Bounty Poker Tournaments

It’s annoying playing a tournament and missing out on the cash isn’t it? Not to worry, poker bounty tournaments afford the opportunity to make money even if you don’t go deep. When you register for these, some of the buy in goes to the regular pool, which makes up the final pay-outs and some goes to your head. In other words, when they take you out of the tournament, you’re finished. By taking out a player, you are guaranteed that prize. The bounty percentage ranges from one tournament to the next but it’s an interesting concept. In regular circumstances you may have an easy pre-flop fold, but in a bounty poker tournament, you may be compelled to call with average odds due to the potential pay-out. Remember though, you’re there to win, not just bust people so don’t get too caught up in trying to knock people out.

There you have it, three unique poker formats available for you to try. If you’re ever bored of regular cash or tournaments, give one of these a try and you may have more fun and earn more.