Thanks to an ever-growing number of readers, I can offer you highly valuable advertising space at excellent rates. Here, you are guaranteed to encounter nearly 20k gambling enthusiasts each month. They frequent my site because of its strong content, and because they trust my professionalism. My advertisers are equally happy with the return on investment achieved, and many are now my long-term partners.

Advertising is a bit like gambling, you are never guaranteed a profitable outcome, however, you can all but ensure your strategy works.

Ever since the publication of the first ad, I have studied the online behaviour of my readers in an effort to maximise the benefits of all ads. We have since created countless effective advertising campaigns, and the feedback from our advertisers has been thoroughly positive.

My Strategy – Your Success

Before selling you advertising space, I make sure that you will find potential customers among my many thousand readers. Unless you provide products or services somehow related to the content of this website, I will not offer you any space. My campaigns are designed for success and I do not like to waste anyone’s time or hard-earned money.

Once we have established that you will encounter your target group here, I will ask you to outline your goals and objectives. I will also ask you to provide me with detailed information about your products or services.

Based on all the information gathered, we then proceed with the creation of an effective advertising campaign, decide on a duration and set dates.

You may provide us with an ad design or avail of our graphic design services. The ad must be visually evocative, contain strong text and provide readers with an incentive to click. The aim is to direct as many readers to your website and turn them into your clients.

The placement of the ad is chosen by you, rates vary considerably, depending on how prominent a space you select. If possible, we try to publish your ad alongside relevant content.

After the ad goes live, we monitor its performance. On occasion, changes to the ad or location are necessary, however, these can be applied rather quickly. Usually, advertisers see an immediate increase in demand.

Professional Service – Effortless Campaign

Apart from the initial discussions and online meetings, there is very little work involved for you. We look after all aspects of your campaign, though you may, if you so wish, regularly check in with us to maintain added momentum.

We aim to be professional, are available around the clock and send you regular website data updates. Your sales targets are our top priority and we do everything in our power to help you grow and expand your great business.

You will benefit from the strong relationship I have built with my 19’000 unique monthly website visitors and in that sense piggy-back on the success of this website.

Social Media Drive

Some of our advertisers avail of our added social media drive and further optimise their campaigns. Social media shares can be a great way to expand the reach of your ad and at very little extra cost, your ad could reach all four corners of the world.

How to Proceed

If you would like to set up an exploratory meeting to discuss your options, please contact me using the form below,  I will forward some introductory information and a number of testimonials from current advertisers.

Remember, all campaigns are tailored to the client’s needs and focused on achieving set objectives. We work hard to ensure that your ad will gain you more customers, increase your revenue and produce an unrivalled return on investment.