While sports betting is primarily linked to football and horse racing, there’s far more options than many would expect, with bookmakers providing markets on a variety of different sports. There’s also a lot of different markets to bet on, allowing punters to be more flexible with the bets they make. Boxing is one of many sports to gain more attention recently, with fans of the sport realising the potential through the available markets on bookmaker websites and apps.

Even vaguer boxing matches are covered by a large portion of bookies, with the demand of punters clearly affecting the previously slim coverage. The hotly-contested bouts throughout the year will always take centre stage but even the smaller undercard fights now tend to be covered through a lot of bookmakers, so it couldn’t be much easier to back any outcome from practically any boxing match.

Boxing betting tips

Due to the availability of boxing betting markets and coverage of all fights, punters have started building their own boxing betting tips. This can be done by looking into the past form and judging what’s likely to happen in each fighter’s next bout. Not only could this be an indication of who will win out of two professional boxers, but there’s a chance that you’ll be able to work out how they’ll win and how many rounds the fight will last. If you’re struggling with picking out insightful boxing betting tips, you’ll find plenty of help from TeamFA, who create previews of upcoming key bouts.

The boxing odds are extremely slim if you’re backing a favourite to win, so it’s led a lot of punters into backing more specific markets such as the number of rounds and round groups for predicting when your chosen fighter will be crowned as the winner of the fight. This has kept a lot of boxing fans from straying, as it would be seen as a wasted bet if you’re only betting on someone to win their next bout at an underwhelming 1/10 price.

Bookmaker markets for boxing

After realising that the odds for the likely fighter to win were far lower than you expected, it’s likely that you’d refer to predicting exactly when they’ll win the fight. This could be in the Group Betting market, where you judge between a specific number of rounds, or in more basic Round Betting markets, where you need to choose Under, Over, or exactly in a specific round.

Hand-picking the winning round is extremely unlikely to be successful in but the price you’ll be given certainly makes it look worthwhile if you’ve got a gut feeling and want a risky selection in your boxing betting tips. As for alternatives, you can also back even more specialised markets like selecting whether or not the fight will go the distance, and betting on whether it’ll end at an odd or even number of rounds.