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Managing Your Lotto Pool with Mobile App

The size of the Jackpot in the Powerball lottery increased in early 2017 by another $100 million made breaking news nationally as the main prize reached about $1.5 billion. Lottery enthusiasts went crazy and formed groups to buy tickets together. They shared it with the hope that it would

I won the lottery, but £15 won’t change my life

Thousands of people have become the latest to find they were unlucky when they won the national lottery.

Charities lobbied to run national lottery

Proposals to introduce Ireland’s first-ever state lottery caused alarm among charity organisations that already ran similar schemes.

Higher prices and longer odds hit lottery sales

Higher prices and reduced chances of winning prizes have proven to be a turn-off for Lotto players as overall sales of all National Lottery games fell by 2.5 per cent last year. The new 47-ball format introduced last September reduced the odds of winning and an increase in the

Number’s up for bookies offering bets on lottery

A loophole that allows gambling websites to offer cut-price bets on the EuroMillions draw, taking money away from good causes, will be closed by the government.