I have enjoyed every single minute of my gambling career, with the exception of a few minor losses, and, apart from relishing the challenge of a high-level poker game, I have immensely enjoyed studying other players, learning their skills and methods and discussing different strategies. It’s not like we give real secrets away, however, the exchange is still a lot of fun and always provides me with a lot of food for thought.

As I am now among the more experienced players, I do like to advise emerging talent, especially since I am aware of the potential difficulties attached to pursuing a career in professional gambling.

Regardless of whether you are a pro wishing to challenge me to a game of poker or Blackjack or a wannabe professional, please get in touch by using the contact form below.

Great Reasons For Getting In Touch

As a professional poker player, I try to continually improve my game and help others to do likewise and this is also to a large extent what this website is about. Furthermore, I am building a worldwide network of gambling enthusiasts willing to share their skills, experience, and knowledge as well as enjoy the resulting interaction. These are the areas I like to interact in:

Challenge Me

If you would like to take me on in a game of poker or any other gambling card game, please get in touch. We can either play online or indeed across the table from each other

Invite Me to a Tournament or Competition

I like to participate in tournaments and competitions, please tell me about yours and I might just be your fiercest opponent yet. Organizers of tournaments or events may also like to enlist my help in promoting and publicizing their upcoming event.

Ask Me to Teach You

You will find lots of tips and strategies on this website. However, if you would like to get some one-on-one tuition, you may also contact me. I like turning good players into great players.

Tell Me What You Know

If you are a professional wishing to share his insight into gambling, please get in touch. I am continually seeking to improve my game and would love to know your specific methods.

Get Me to Review Your Gambling Venue or Website

I love checking out new gambling venues and websites and subsequently deliver my verdict. Please tell me about your venue or website and I will examine and review it thoroughly.

Ask for Career Advice

If you are toying with the idea of becoming a professional gambler and are unsure as to how to proceed, please get in touch. Parents of teenager displaying gambling talents may also get in touch. I will paint a very realistic picture of the potential pitfalls as well as undoubted benefits of a career in gambling.

Media Inquiries

Members of the media wishing to make a program about gambling and all related issues can avail of my insight and knowledge of the business. Unfortunately, despite its popularity, gambling is not often featured in the mainstream media.

Guest posting

I am always open to accepting guest posting and I like to hear tips and different advice from you guys. But it can’t be irrelevant to the content I already post. So, if you want to become contributor then use the contact form below. We do have a Submit Your Guest Post page if you wanted to find out more information about guest posting

Become Part of Our Gambling Network

As in all other areas of life and work, the more people you connect with, the better. Please get in touch and you will be given immediate access to many professional gamblers willing to share their expertise.