Since being an office prankster extraordinaire takes a lot of dedication, graduating to the ultimate evil coworker takes even higher levels of creativity and prankster resources. It will take much more than just a characteristic prankster signature-laugh to become the ultimate evil co-worker, but in this EVIL CO-WORKER OFFICE PRANKS SPECIAL, I will detail a couple of tools you can deploy as part of your supreme office prankster claim to fame! After all, you need to make your pranks as crazy as possible! Just like if you were to Send a piece of shit in a box!

Your craft as an office prankster is taken as seriously as you take it over here…

Forget the “boss wants so see you” prank call, or the overdone “fart-balloon” — we are dealing with some serious prankster business here! A perfect starting point (pun intended) is perhaps some disappearing ink, courtesy of the Russia-made KGB Disappearing Ink Pen (and they say Russians are no fun…). This will immediately catapult you to ultimate evil co-worker status, particularly because of the comprehensiveness of this particular office prank. The pen looks just like any normal pen and writes just like any other pen too, BUT…the ink completely disappears within 48 hours!

While your unfortunate colleague(s) breaks their mind over the fact that not even UV lights will reveal their scribbles, why not hit them with the Phantom Keystoker, a high-tech USB-like device that will drive any PC user around the bend. Any computer boasting a USB port will do and, once plugged-in, Phantom Keystroker does exactly that, types a load of gibberish and tops things off with randomized cursor movements.

You shall now assume your new thrown, oh ultimate evil co-worker…THE SUPREME OFFICE PRANKSTER!

A natural transition

Once everyone has said their goodbyes and even the supreme office prankster looks forward to going home and recharging for the grind of another day, that feeling of being “alone” cannot help but manifest. Sure, we have family, and some of us are lucky enough to have a good support structure at home, but if we’re honest with ourselves then we won’t mind admitting that our careers pretty much dominate our entire lives. Our entire lives pretty much revolve around our careers.

Office prankster extraordinaires often assume the form of a female co-worker, oddly enough, which has been attributed to the very loose link between the rise in the number of female gamers who join some of the most popular multi-player, online cult games.

After all, pranking co-workers at the office can only go so far, which is why the droves of female gamers flocking to the online gaming servers are indeed doing so in their numbers. They appear to have found some kind of link to stay connected with their co-workers, who just by the way aren’t all fellow female gamers.

It’s not even so much of a matter of trying to close the gender gap and prove that ladies are just as skilled as the lads (or even more skilled), but rather just a matter of taking the same team spirit cultivated in the workplace environment online. Teams that work together also play together, it would appear, and they do so very well.