Depending on who is trying to sell you on the idea of taking a punt, they might want to have you believe that gambling is indeed all about pure luck. However, it really isn’t. Even if you take into account the exploits of a leisure gambler who just bets randomly and relies on the “luck of the draw,” a trained eye will be able to spot some patterns.

A trained eye peering out of the eye-socket of someone with a keen interest in perhaps tipping the odds in their favour might take things a step further and seek to quantify all the elements and metrics involved in the process of gambling. This more scientific approach makes the whole exercise that much more enjoyable, while maintaining that much-needed element of control to everything.

If you understand that regardless of whatever tweaked and honed strategy you’d be applying in a bid to make sure your odds of winning are maximised, what it comes down to is the discipline of accepting one or two outcomes at key moments, then gambling never has to be a source of pain. For instance, with the knowledge that the best-applied strategy could still not work out in your favour, you will be more inclined to stick to a specific budget you set aside to take a punt with, no matter the outcome. So even if you lose by a small margin, your knowledge will breed the kind of discipline to compel you to stop for now and pick things up next time.

In the same way, that same knowledge and discipline will compel you to make the clever decision of walking away a satisfied punter with the winnings of the day, even if they’re not colossal.

A calculating and perhaps contemplative gambler might elect to pick out a range of online casino sites to take a punt on, mostly as a learning experience along with taking advantage of some strategic leverage-factors like no-signup bonuses. Imagine a resultant scenario in which you effectively win big with money that didn’t come straight out of your own pocket. It does happen and such things happen beyond the kind of thinking which has punters believing that gambling is nothing more than trying to tap into pure luck.

Why do you think that despite the vastly different regulations and laws around gambling in different jurisdictions worldwide, a selection of what are considered to be great slots across the board keep popping up as favourites? Whether you’re playing on a platform hosted in India, New Zealand, Cayman Islands, or absolutely anywhere else, the fact that a certain selection of slots prove to be universally popular speaks volumes of their mastery. It cannot be simply about pure luck. There has to be more to it than that, and there definitely is.

Looking beyond something like the insinuated mastery of some kind of strategy which would tip the odds in the discerning punter’s favour, it’s a simple matter of popularity breeding more chances of bigger winnings. A slots title with many people playing across the world at the same time would naturally bear a bigger progressive jackpot, simple as that!