When it comes to the best slot sites, they are surprisingly very rare. We have been working in the casino industry for a while, and a slot site which makes us sit back and say “wow” is exceedingly rare. That is one of the reasons why we decided to put together this guide. We wanted to give you an overview of how you can find the best slot sites in the world. Don’t worry, it is easier than you may think.


Make sure you read as many reviews as you can. The more reviews you read, the more you will start to get an idea as to how good an online casino is. The best slot sites are ones which attract a plethora of reviews from people. Even the newer sites. Make sure that you read the reviews properly. There is no sense in just skimming them over. Try to avoid the reviews which are overly positive too. It does not matter how brilliant a slot site is, we can 100% guarantee that there is going to be a flaw in it somewhere down the line. Trust us on that one!

Casino Bonuses

The best slot sites have a wealth of bonuses that you can tap into. The more bonuses that are available, the better it is going to be for you! When we are looking for the best slot sites, we like to look for ones which offer not only welcome bonuses, but something awesome in the way of loyalty bonuses too. Nobody really wants to be hopping from site to site. They want some sort of incentive to stay stuck on a single site, and loyalty bonuses are probably one of the best incentives that you can get.

Mobile Site

In our opinion, a great slot site needs to have a mobile version available. If it does not, then it can’t really be classed as a top-quality site (in our opinion). This is because most people seem to be doing their gaming ‘on the go’ nowadays, so a site which does not allow this is not all that great.

We do not mean that the site needs to have an app, although that would be useful. Instead, we want the online website to have a site which boots up on a mobile device without the need to jump through hoops at all. That is our idea of a good site!

Slot Selection

The more slots there are to choose from on the website, the better the site is going to be in our ours. Since you are looking for the best slot sites, we are willing to wager that this is going to be important for you too! You want a website which has a plethora of slots to choose from. In an ideal world, the best slot sites will not be limited to a single game vendor. There is no fun in that. There needs to be a wealth of games that you can dive into.

In some cases, you may even want to venture away from the slots a little bit. After all; there is a whole world of gaming out there to discover! We prefer slot sites which go beyond just having a couple of slots that you can jump into. A site which enables you to play various table games is alright in our books. It means that you do not need to jump to another website to get your ‘fix’, you can do everything under the same roof. Tons of fun like that! It also makes it easier to hit those withdrawal limits and what have you. There may even be a few additional loyalty bonuses in play for those who really want to have a ton of fun while they are gambling!

Site Functionality

Finally; we like to take a look at how the site functions as a whole. We want to know that it is going to be easy to boot up whatever game you want and dive into it. There should be no lag or slowdown. The games should be easy to find. If a website makes your life living hell when it comes to functionality, then avoid it. It is not going to be worth your time to play on it.

Remember; you should also focus on how easy it is to get money in and out of your account. You do not want to jump through hoops at all.