Many people may not be aware that Macau has been outclassing Las Vegas in gambling revenue over the last few years, in fact, many non-Asians may never have heard of the world’s top gambling destination.

Nevertheless, most gamblers are acutely aware of the prevalent gambling passion in Asia, and online gamblers are bound to stumble upon sites like M88 Indonesia and get a taste for Asian gambling – at least online. Undoubtedly, Macau is an extraordinary place worth exploring, especially for gambling enthusiasts.

While Las Vegas still boasts more annual visitors, Macau has outperformed Vegas revenue, and perhaps, when comparing the two gambling havens, Las Vegas offers more entertainment but Macau, often referred to as the Asian Las Vegas, does the serious gambling business better.

Macau, with a population of just over 650’000, is an autonomous region in East Asia, and since 2003, when the first gambling licenses were issued, Macau’s gambling revenue has grown exponentially. The 2002 7-billion GDP rose to a staggering $55 billion in just over a decade. During this time, the city witnessed the construction of a string of gambling resorts, hotels, and an array of replica venues like Venetian Macau and the Parisian Macau, as well as Hollywood-themed hotels.

Most visitors stem from China, a nation many believe to be obsessed with gambling, however, gambling enthusiasts from around the globe have been flocking to this new gambling mecca.

The Crackdown

Today, Macau is a little quieter because of the Chinese government’s crackdown on corruption and money laundering associated with the Macau gambling industry. In 2015, revenue fell sharply, and ever since then, the people of Macau have had to reinvent their tourism industry. In an attempt to attract visitors from the US and Europe, Macau tourism has sought to advertise the region’s natural wonders and cultural sites. Gambling still contributes heavily to Macau’s economy; however, the tourism industry is now trying to promote Macau as much more than a gambling destination.

What’s So Great about Macau Gambling

Gambling vacations in Macau are for high-end tourists, hotel rates are considerably higher than in Las Vegas, and the table minimums are not for the faint-hearted. Baccarat is the most popular game, and both Black Jack and Poker do not feature as strongly as in Las Vegas. Slots are exceedingly popular. Much in contrast to Vegas, players don’t consume alcohol and instead enjoy a cup of tea or coffee or a bottle of Coca-Cola.

Macau is considerably more expensive than Vegas, and businesses here are focused on providing top-class gambling rather than all-out entertainment like in Las Vegas. So it’s important to be keen on all the hot tips and tricks when it comes to playing games that pay real money so that you do not lose more than you win.

It remains to be seen whether this gambling mecca manages to transform itself into a world-class tourist destination like Las Vegas. Perhaps, an ample entertainment program would help to veer tourists away from Vegas and attract them to this far-flung destination.

Get a Taste of Asian Gambling Online

If you feel like sampling Macau casino gambling, you can easily find a plethora of websites offering live games. Even sites like William Hill offer Asian-type gambling, a sure testament to the ever-growing fascination with Asian gambling.