School simply isn’t for everyone. I detested school from start to finish and wouldn’t have achieved anything in my life if it wasn’t for my love of poker. Thankfully, before even finishing High School, I learned the art of playing poker and knew at once, I was going to be one of the best players.

When you find your passion and discover something you love and are good at, you cast everything else aside to pursue your dream.

I must have been my parents’ worst nightmare. They did their utmost to get me through High School but more often than not, I’d pretend to go to school, only to divert at the school gates, and head for my nearest game of poker. There was no stopping me, poker was, and still is, the first and perhaps the only thing I enjoy and excel at.

Eventually, my parents did recognize my talents and supported my poker efforts, provided I’d agree to graduate first. I did appreciate their viewpoint on some level, and ultimately knew I had won them over.

My First Job

After graduation, I took up a job at our local casino. My mother was thrilled. She had no problem getting me out of bed in the morning now! Looking back, the first day I worked at the casino was the day, I truly became alive, and cast off the shackles of school. I found my work ethic, my enthusiasm, and my ambition. Within a week, I was an entirely different person. I was happy and free, and willing to work hard for my success.

Though I was initially given quite menial tasks, I spent my time observing and learning from great players, and when I’d get home from work, I’d either go and play poker or study poker at home. Soon, I got the opportunity to play for some real cash. Because at that point, I had already spent a few years perfecting my poker skills, I was successful straight away. I won. I was making serious money. To the amazement of my employer, I was suddenly one of the best players on the casino floor. The guy who had initially employed me was actually delighted to see me do well. Even though he knew I would soon leave to take up a career as a professional gambler, he encouraged me throughout, advised me and eventually sent me on my way.

My Professional Gambling Career

Now that I was earning decent cash and had built up a reputation as a good player, opportunities came streaming in. I was invited to play with some of the best and was soon in the luxurious position of having a pick of the best. I was selective in my choice of opponents and venues in an effort to advance my professional gambling career as fast and effectively as possible. Partaking in various tournaments soon took up a lot of my time. I love the travel associated with participating in different competitions. Mostly, I did well and the few times I lost, I made sure to turn these failures into learning experiences.

This Website

The internet has become an important part of any poker enthusiast’s life. Amateurs and professionals gather for games and to exchange tips and advice. I can take on some of the best players from across the globe from the comfort of my own home and share my knowledge of the game with beginners and emerging poker talent.

On this website, you will find lots of useful tips on amateur and professional gambling, reviews of website and venues and interesting blog posts about life as a professional gambler.