I won the lottery, but £15 won’t change my life

Thousands of people have become the latest to find they were unlucky when they won the national lottery.

Charities lobbied to run national lottery

Proposals to introduce Ireland’s first-ever state lottery caused alarm among charity organisations that already ran similar schemes.

Higher prices and longer odds hit lottery sales

Higher prices and reduced chances of winning prizes have proven to be a turn-off for Lotto players as overall sales of all National Lottery games fell by 2.5 per cent last year. The new 47-ball format introduced last September reduced the odds of winning and an increase in the

Number’s up for bookies offering bets on lottery

A loophole that allows gambling websites to offer cut-price bets on the EuroMillions draw, taking money away from good causes, will be closed by the government.

Family tip offs and lavish lifestyle of husband and wife insider dealers

A City trading entrepreneur who funded a lavish lifestyle with the criminal proceeds of insider dealing was handed a record four-year prison sentence yesterday.

Casinos in Macau weigh the odds of imposing smoking ban

85% of gamblers in Macau are reckoned to be smokers. The number represents the upper estimate by the casino operators and, given that the casinos have cameras trained on pretty much everyone who comes through their doors pretty much all of the time, it’s probably a fairly accurate assessment.

Exclusive: casino owner cashes in its chips with £137m deal

Les Ambassadeurs, one of London’s most exclusive casinos, has fallen into the hands of a Hong Kong-listed conglomerate in a £137 million deal.

Japan to ease way for first legal casinos with limit on cash dispensers

Japan plans to remove credit card cash dispensers from the vicinity of bookmakers and improve treatment for gambling addicts as the country prepares to lift the ban on casinos.

Gambling on a casino payout

In 1996 Vinnie Jones said that “Winning doesn’t really matter, as long as you win.”

Is poker a game of luck or skill?

A landmark ruling on whether poker is a game of skill or merely chance will determine whether it will be played in private members clubs or only in licensed casinos.