You are able to play 21 from your Windows phone with an app. These are programs that allow you to play blackjack on your phone or other mobile device that use the Windows operating system.

If you have a mobile device that is powered by Windows then you will be happy to know that it is actually easy to find blackjack apps that are compatible with your device. There are a number of companies that create apps specifically for Windows phones, but most online casinos are already compatible with Windows phones, so you have plenty of choice.

You will find the majority of apps can be downloaded from the Windows app store, however, their quality may differ. There are some blackjack apps that are very basic and others are graphically intense and offer better gameplay.

Blackjack Games You Can Play

The blackjack games that you are able to play on your Windows phone will depend on whether you want to play in a casino or not. You will find single game versions of blackjack that form part of social casino apps and others where you are able to play for real money in a casino. At a mobile casino, you will have various blackjack games to choose from, which include European, Spanish, Vegas Strip and Atlantic City blackjack as well as live dealer blackjack games.

Real Money Windows Blackjack Tips

You should only play real money blackjack games at licensed and regulated mobile casinos, so you can be sure that you are getting a fair gambling experience that adheres to all government standards.

Once, you have found a reputable mobile casino where you can play blackjack on your Windows phone, you will need to make a deposit, however, before you do this, see if there is a free play mode so that you can test the blackjack games and see how smooth they are.

How Does Blackjack on Your Windows Phone Work?

If you are playing blackjack on your Windows phone, you will first need to place a bet. Once the bet is made, you will press on deal and the cards will then be dealt to you and the dealer. You will then be able to hit, split, double down or stand. Tap on the action that you want and once you have a good hand, you can tap stand.

The dealer then reveals their cards and if your hand is better then you will win.