There are a lot of different slots terminologies that only gamblers know, which means that especially new gamers often have to learn these terms first. To make this easier, here is a list of the most popular slot machine terms that every player should know.
Bet: The amount of money wagered in a given round.

Bonus Feature: Winning opportunities that are integrated into the game in addition to the standard combinations.

Coins: Unit in which slots can be played.

Free Spins: Free spins, which are mostly achieved through bonus features.

Jackpot: The highest possible win that can be achieved on a slot machine.

Maximum Bet: The highest possible amount that can be wagered within a round.

Multi-Line: A slot machine that has more than one single payline.

Multiplier: A multiplier that will multiply certain winnings on specific paylines by a fixed factor.

Payback: Describes the payout of a slot that is generated in relation to deposits.

Pay Line: A line on which symbols must be combined in order to make a profit.

Pay Table: A graph that shows which combinations of the symbols generate a win.

Random Number Generator (RNG): A system used by the computer to generate completely random combinations.

Reels: The vertical rows that can be seen on a slot. Their amount is usually between 3 and 5.

Spin: Describes the time period in which the reels are moving.

Symbols: All symbols that are integrated into a slot.

Wild symbol: A symbol that replaces any other type of icons except feature symbols.

Wager Management: A specific strategy used to manage the bankroll. The goal is to split the available money between multiple gaming sessions and to cashout whenever you are ahead.

Winning Combinations: The specific number of different winning opportunities that a particular slot has.

These were the most popular slot game terminologies. If you know these, then you can already talk to a lot of experienced gamers and also about your last great winnings – for example at Merkur Gaming’s Eye of Horus!