Nowadays, it is said that Macau is bigger than Las Vegas! More and more punters have discovered this gambling city, which was once a Portuguese colony. Macau now consists of more than 40 casinos and they are all located in places which are simply stunning. But, which are the top must-visit casinos in Macau? See our selections!

The Sands

Still charming and appealing, The Sands is the first Las Vegas style casino of Macau. Less exclusive than the two above mentioned casinos, it’s easy to spend a few hours enjoying free drinks and live bands at The Sands. The huge gambling hall looks like an aircraft hangar and it features a wide collection of tables where staking won’t break the bank! One of the reason to check out this place is that it’s at a convenient location- between Macau and Hong Kong! Looking for a more accessible place to play some games right now? Check out Kitty Bingo! This online bingo site features a plethora of the best online slots. You can try out the games on any devices and at any time. . . why not now itself?

Venetian Casino Resort

Venetian casino resort is the biggest casino all across the world. As you step into this casino resort, your eyes will be pleased! There are premier shops, a 3000-rooms hotel and the décor makes you feel like on the streets of any Italian city! You can definitely feel like you’re in Venice in this stunning resort. You’ll simply get the best of everything out there: night shows, top-notch restaurants and the best possible hotel service. In other words, it is the best version of Las Vegas which has been teleported to China!


Many big rollers choose to splash their cash at Wynn which might be smaller than other casinos, but it is way smarter. This attractive casino features million-dollar tapestries which are stapled to the wall and Qing era vases adds to the beauty of the hotel lobbies! The design and decors of this casino simply steals one’s heart! But, once you enter the casino arena, you better have some cash on you! The stakes are always high as the casino welcomes exclusive high rollers. Better stick to the slot machines!

City of Dreams

City of Dreams casino speaks for its name! This casino is the first Macau destination for professional gamblers. Unlike other casinos, this one boasts a rather stylish design; it has ditched the regular gondoliers and gladiators’ decors! The gambling arena is the widest and the best designed of Macau, and you can expect to meet high rollers at the tables. What else? Oh! Luxury hotel rooms, house shows and Michelin-starred diners are just some of the few reasons why you should visit this casino! Sipping a martini at the City of Dreams. . . just wonderful!

If gambling is your thing, you should really visit all of these casinos! Or you can just pick the one which suits you. . . make some amazing ‘gambling in Macau’ memories!