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If you’re not from the US, tipping in American casinos can feel like a bit of a minefield. Betting in a casino should be an all-around experience with plenty of great customer service thrown in. However, casino tipping isn’t necessarily the norm in all societies. For instance, if you’re using a British £5 minimum bet casino UK staff usually won’t expect a tip.

Transitioning to betting State-side can be confusing. You’ll probably interact with several casino staff members before you even sit down at a table. That’s why we’re here to help! Here’s all the definitive know-how you need for tipping in US casinos.

How to Tip in an American Casino

  1. Tipping the Valet

American casino workers are usually on low wages, and tipping is expected to make up a decent part of their salary. A valet working at a casino is probably only paid a few dollars an hour, so it’s important to tip if you use this service. Usually, a couple of dollars for parking your car is fine. However, if you’re staying at a casino hotel and have luggage, your valet or bellboy should get at least a $5 payout.

  1. Tipping Your Servers

Whether you’re enjoying a few cocktails between games or dining at the casino restaurant, tipping is part of wait service in America. This is because most wait and bar staff are on less than $5 per hour. Tipping your servers is an absolute must, even if you don’t tip anyone else. You can adjust the rate based on service quality and how much fun you’re having.

  1. Tipping Your Slot Machine Attendants

In America, slot machine attendants usually expect a $20 if you win a payout of more than $1,000 or so. They will usually pay the money out to you in person, so this should be pretty easy. You can also up the amount you tip if the jackpot increases. You should consider tipping your slot attendant if they hold your machine for you or fix a technical problem. $5 or so will be fine for this.

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  1. Tipping Your Casino Dealers

Dealers at table games are also generally low-wage employees, and tips make up an important part of their income. Tipping your dealers is usually dependent on the individual casino’s rules. Some don’t allow tips at the table, while others are fine with this. If the casino allows this, it’s customary to place a bet for the dealer or give them a chip (usually $5 or more) if you win big.

  1. Tipping the Cash Desk

When you withdraw your money, you will be served by casino employees at the cash desk. You don’t normally need to tip here, but it’s a nice idea if you’re cashing out a large amount. It’s also good if you plan to visit this casino again.


Casino business models don’t always factor in good pay for the staff. Tipping is an important part of their salary. Be a good sport when you play, and remember to tip your servers.

Do you visit casinos often? Do you make sure to tip the staff? Share your tipping advice in the comments!

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