With the summer season firmly under way, it’s only a matter of time before the TV is awash with yelling, chanting, and the site of green grass. Rather than roll over and let football take over your evenings, why not make it worth your while. Check out these betting ideas to try with your other half, and see if he’s in a giving mood!

Every Night There’s a Match On, He Makes Dinner.

It’s only fair, if you’re losing control of the TV for the evening, he should make sure you’re well fed and watered. Unless of course, he’s a horrendous cook, in which it probably makes more sense to get him to order a takeaway.

Foot/Back Massage At Half Time

15 minutes between each half is plenty of time to pamper you with a little TLC.

Drinkson Command

Whether you’re a wine lady, a cocktail lover or just need something refreshing, why should you have to go and fetch it?

Fully Paid Shopping Spree

Let’s be honest, it’s only fair. Consider it payment in full for all those lost hours sat around waiting for the match to end!

Deep Clean the House Before/AftertheMatch

12pm kick off? Not a problem, just do it afterwards. 7pm start? Good, you’ve got all day!

If His Team Loses, He Has To Take You Out For Dinner

If he’s going to spend the whole evening yelling at the TV only to be in a grump afterwards, it’s probably best the two of you get out of the house for a while (on his expense, of course)

Host a Party for You and Your Friends

Have a few of the girls over, and make sure the drinks are cold, the snacks keep coming and the entertainment’s good!

You Get To Choose the TV for A Week

You should really expect this anyway, but it’s always good to get it in writing!

Weekend Away Once the Football Is Over

Prepping for a season or international tournament? Spend the time planning your dream holiday, and then make him pay for it.

Gifts on Match Days

Flowers, chocolates, jewellery, perfume, makes sense!