When it comes to the biggest names in online casino gaming, you may recognize that the majority of sites tend to value variety. After all, it is the spice of life, and having a catalogue of games is always preferable than keeping customers playing the same old titles.

Personally speaking, I have played on enough platforms to know that a site that corresponds with the latter does not tend to have the variety to keep me interested. Invariably, I – like many others – will grow bored and move on. It is pretty much the same as finding the right casino. With experience, I have learned to skip the lazy casinos and sports betting sites in favour of the big guns, who offer some of the best promotions in sports betting and casino like 188Bet.

There is no doubt that the bigger sites with the real clout tend to target as many players as possible. This can be achieved by providing a gaming or sports platform which is powered by the best software providers out there. While many new players will fall into the traps associated with playing with the lower-quality casinos, once they learn to recognize the best software providers, they tend to change their attitude pretty quickly.

So who are the best software providers out there?


If Microgaming was a boxer, it would be Floyd Mayweather Jr. Slick, articulate inside the ropes, with a high fight IQ, incredible skills, flashy, but above all, simply unbeatable. Microgaming has been putting many of its competitors to shame for a long time now, and looks in no hurry to give up any time soon. With near to 900 titles under its belt, Microgaming is the pound-for-pound number 1 on the planet.

Net Entertainment

Net Entertainment – or NetEnt for short – is one of the big guns when it comes to online casino software. Some of the titles it produces are incredible, and it is among the most pioneering of them all. NetEnt can boast consistently popular titles and unique gaming designs which cannot be found anywhere else in the world of online casinos.


Playtech is behind a number of hugely successful titles, many of which are the always popular Marvel slots. This software developer is always touted as one of the leading of its kind, and its games can be found among the lists of the best online casinos on the planet today. If you enjoy playing slots, the chances are that you will have used Playtech games at one point or another.

The cream always rises to the top!

While there are many other providers out there, it is hard to argue against the three above being the biggest players in online casino gaming. If you are someone who is trying to sell your software, maybe you can check out this page as a starting point on your journey to someday become the best at what you do.

Moreover, consistent quality and innovation are what make a successful software provider in 2018. Getting the best out of the software we use, therefore, should be paramount. After all, we are the ones spending the money so there is always a requirement to ensure we are treated in kind.