If it’s your desire to travel more so that you can see more of the world, you will probably know all about how to look for the best deals so that you can stretch each pound. That’s why you’ll find low-key millionaires seemingly slumming it out in a backpacker’s hostel whereas they could be living it up in total luxury in some condominium or luxury apartments elsewhere.

“I’m not stupid. If I can sleep comfortably in a joint that costs me less than a pound-fifty per night, with free Wi-Fi and hot water, then that’s exactly what I’ll do!“ This is an answer you’ll commonly hear from one of these low-key high-rollers whom you might share a little bit of time and space with as you perhaps both prepare that morning’s breakfast, in the little kitchenette area…

That’s what it comes down to in a nutshell, that being the reason why you should travel with a fulltime online gambler if the opportunity to do so ever arises. You will save tonnes of cash. It’s worth digging a little deeper into it though, simply because there’s a lot to learn from the typical manner through which a fulltime online gambler approaches their travels.

Value, value, value

The reason why professional or fulltime online gamblers are so good with money is because they understand what value is. It’s all about value for them, so you might be rolling through what is supposedly a duty-free mall during one of your airport transits and, upon seeking to take advantage of the supposedly cheaper prices available, your pro-gambler travel buddy tells you that you can get that same product much cheaper elsewhere. They’ve learned how to identify true value in pretty much everything that forms part of the economic system and not just those elements which are associated with gambling or travelling.

This goes back to the reason why a high-rolling fulltime gambler might be found in backpacker’s…

Embracing embarrassment

One of the most disdained practices in the physical iteration of gambling is that of slow rolling in Poker, but professional online gamblers who also like to travel have found a way to turn this negative practice into a positive one. Basically what they do is slow roll their way through life as travellers, embracing similar embarrassment as that attached to slow rolling.

That’s how they get to work out in state-of-the-art hotel gyms pretty much everywhere they go, because you’ll typically find a travelling pro-gambler walking into the most pompous of hotels with confidence so that they come across as just another one of the guests. This way they get to use all the facilities without any of the security personnel seeing the need to ask questions.

“If you get caught, you’ll only be embarrassed for those few seconds in your life,” said one pro gambler who was asked about this. “If on the other hand you don’t get caught, you get to enjoy some more value which could really add lots more value to your entire trip!”

So slow rolling may not be acceptable in poker, but its principles can be turned into something positive outside of the game, such as when you’re rolling with a fulltime online gambler.