From the beginning, the blog part of this website has been an important tool in the promotion and efforts to spread the content of this website all over the world. While there are by now thousands of gambling websites, few offer a true insight into professional gambling. I have sought to address this issue by writing thought-provoking, educational blog posts and by publishing the work of the best guest bloggers. Many have responded to my guest post requests, and the exponential growth of my reader numbers can be directly traced back to the success of my blog.

I am again seeking contributions to my blog on topics pertaining to gambling and related issues. This is an opportunity to get your writing published and read by thousands of enthusiastic readers. They will read your post, comment and try to involve you in a discussion on the subject of your blog.

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    My aim is to publish intelligent, detailed content on gambling. This is a unique opportunity for anyone wishing to impart their knowledge or share an experience. You may be a professional, renowned blogger looking to further raise her/his profile or a novice wishing to create a strong profile as a writer. My readers visit this site to read good content and therefore, if you are able to deliver strong material, I will gladly publish your post.

    Blogging is not rocket science and just requires attention to detail, solid information and a willingness to work hard and in some instances take guidance. Publishing opportunities can be hard to come by and this is certainly one of the best you will ever get.

    Requested Content

    In my blog, I like to provide my readers with strong content on various aspects of gambling as well as on lifestyle, internet opportunities and on some topics beyond. To give you a better idea of the topics I like to touch on, I have listed the main ones below:

    • Bingo
    • Card Games
    • Blackjack
    • Poker
    • Casinos
    • Online Gambling
    • Roulette
    • Slot Machines
    • Lifestyle Tips
    • Lotteries
    • Money Making Tips
    • Make Money Online
    • Reviews
    • Sports Betting and Racing
    • Travel

    Your posts may include card game strategies or reviews of online gambling sites, or discuss aspects of all the other topics listed here. As I like to provide my readers with plenty of scope for creativity, I have outlined rather broad topics.

    Up until now, I have published numerous how-to articles as well as list articles, but you can also write a critical pieces or indeed share your opinion on your chosen subject. Story-type guest posts are also ever popular.

    If you are wondering about the format of a possible title, please take a look at the following sample titles:

    • Top Ten Bad Poker Habits
    • Gambling Holiday Destinations
    • How To Become a Professional Gambler

    I am quite open to your suggestions, I am quite sure you have your own brilliant concept.

    The Easy Way from Concept to Submission

    The process is rather simple. Simply outline your concept in the form you will find at the bottom of this page. On receipt, I will comment and tell you how to proceed. You can then go and write your piece and subsequently submit it for review. During the editing process, we will collaborate and prepare a top-quality post for immediate publication.

    Don’t forget to write a bio about yourself and provide some links to your own website and blog. You may insert anchor text in your post linking it to your website.

    I have no problem with providing support for newbies, in fact, I like sharing my blogging expertise.

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    By now, 19’000 people visit my website each month. They will become your readers and they may all become your followers or subscribers. You may also get requests from other sites and your writer profile will certainly rise.

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    For me, blogging has been extremely enjoyable not only because of the writing experience but also because I have connected with the ever-expanding blogging community. Most bloggers are eager to connect and support each other and all bloggers greatly value the internet as a platform for publication.

    It will be my pleasure to read and publish your post, get to know you and exchange valuable information.